First Presbyterian Church of Oak Hill, WV


Danna is currently serving as our Clerk of Session. She is also our choir director and musician She teaches choir at Collins Middle School in Oak Hill. She is a member of the Oak Hill Lions Club. She is active in numerous civic activities.


Betty is a lifelong resident of Oak Hill. She has been active in the life of our church for many years. She has served on Presbytery committees and often represents the church at Presbytery meetings.  She is retired from the banking business and serves as one of our two co-treasurers. She is also a trustee of the church.


Bob was born in WVA. He served in the military in France in WWII. He married is wife Dale while living in California. He worked in finance and insurance for many years until retirement. Bob is a long time member of our church. He serves as a back-up musician when needed. He and Dale are both very active with the local food pantry.


This page will contain information about becoming an elder, or else information about the current elders

Dewey Kuhn

Dewey and his wife, Karon Workman, operate an accounting service in Oak Hill. Dewey enjoys cooking, golf when he has time, and spending time with family and friends